FPG Inline 4000 series- HOT

Product Description

Inline 4000
These cabinets offer a price-competitive solution for the bust food service business wanting to display a large quantity or wide variety of food. Lighting and merchandising features are designed to create impact and increase sales. The Inline 4000 series is freestanding and available in a range of sizes and capacities. They come ready to “plug in” which means installation is quick and easy.

* Stainless steel construction
* Toughened double-glazed glass
* Front sliding doors (SD)
* Fixed front (FF)
* Rear sliding doors
* Lighting above all display areas
* Adjustable shelving
* Height: 24.5mm increments
* Angle: Flat or 10˚ pitch
* Stainless steel flat trays
* Ticket strip
* Moving air refrigeration maintains cabinet temperature of 2 – 4˚c with up to 60 door openings per hour
* Integral condenser
* Automatic defrost cycle

Factory fitted accessories
* Condensate evaporator tray
* Castors (lockable)

Standard accessories
* Rear deck assembly with no bag and tong holder
* Rear deck assembly with 1x bag and tong holder
* Angled base shelf
* Small goods trays
* Thermal divider panel – prevent heat transfer between heated and refrigerated cabinets.

Product Code: 4000

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