KLM 2002 Mini coldrooms

Product Description



* Polyurethane High Density Foam Insulation
* Kitset Construction – assembly & dis-assembly within hours
* Assembly by way of twin hook camlock fasteners
* Modularity of the panels within the room – panels can be located in more than one position when building the room
* Panels in Sheet Metal with Non Toxic Plastic Finishing
* Doors with keylock and internal safety release
* Floor – Strengthen polyurethane panel with non slip easy clean surface
* Panel Vacuumed before polyurethane injected enabling even insulation on each panel
* Ozone friendly materials


* Integral Freeblock Cooling System – Push in through the wall
* Split Cooling System – Outside the premises
* With or Without Floor Panels
* REA Shelving & Trolley Systems
* Stainless Steel Panel
* Sliding, hinged, bommer, or automatic doors available
* Various heights – 2000mm, 2400mm, 2800mm, 3200mm
* Windows

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